Tuesday, 6 March 2012

2. Life Cycle Research

The Lifecycle is a perfect three act story
  • ACT 1 The Egg turns into Larva/Caterpillar
  • ACT 2 The Caterpillar turns into the Pupa
  • ACT 3 And the Pupa turns into butterfly which in turn lays eggs (Making it a cycle)


  • The Eggs have a hard-shell
  • They are stuck to leaves by a glue
  • Some species lay one egg at a time, others lay eggs in small clusters, while others lays hundreds at a time.
  • On the underside of the leaf

Transition – Out Hatches the Caterpillar it gnaws its way out of the egg


  • Cause Damage to Plants and Fruit
  • Consume Leafs and Spend there life pretty much doing this
  • Some are Insectivores but most are Herbivores
  • They mature, during what is called instars they get new skins


  • They then go through the stage called Apolysis, of which the cuticle separates from the epidermis.

Transition –

  • When fully grown the Larva starts producing certain hormones which cause it to seek for a suitable place to pupate
  • The make a button out of silk which they use to fasten to a twig of leaf.
  • The larva transforms into pupa, it sheds it skin and underneath is a Chrysalis
  • The larva performs metamorphosis inside the Chrysalis. It transforms into the adult butterfly.


  • They have four wings and six legs
  • It cannot fly until the wings have completely unfolded
  • Most excrete a dye after they have hatched
  • The have a short life time. and dont eat only eat through their proboscis

Transition / End – The butterfly then continues the cycle by laying an egg or multiple egg.


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