Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Colour, Texture and Landscape

I've created a colour palette, Alan advised me to look at the Pantones within Photoshop. As well I've used an online colour scheme designer which can create schemes that complement each other. I have mainly focused on the oranges and brown which are featured throughout Greek art.
I made this mood board of images to influence the overall art direction as well as set design. I want a light and summery texture to the book, I've gathered images of Crete’s landscapes, sunsets and even the architecture.
Things to take note of:
  • The way the sun shimmers over the water.
  • The bushiness of the trees.
  • The mountainous hillsides in the background.
  • The sun breaking through the clouds has a heavenly and god like feel to it, this could work when Icarus is fallen.
  • The low lying shoreline.
  • The Dry ground with the brown and orange tones.


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