Monday, 26 September 2011


Storyline Breakdown

Daedalus, Icarus's father was an inventor from Athens who had been taught by the Godess Athena. He was obsessed with his nephew Talis and his skills as a craftsman, but Daedalus become jealous of him and threw him off the roof of Athenas Temple and he died. Daedalus was banish and saw refuge in Crete at King Minos's Court. King Minos shut Daedalus and Icarus in the labyrinth that Theseus killed the Minotaur in (Another Myth). They could only escape the labyrinth by flying, so Daedalus built wings from feathers and beeswax. Before they flew Deadalus warned Icarus, he said not to fly to close to the sea spray and blown down, and not to close to the sun as is it will melt the beeswax. But Icarus, excited in the moment forgot his fathers wise words and flew up higher and higher, until he reached such a high that the sun was so hot it melted the wax. Icarus fell to his death.
There are many morals that can be drawn from this myth. It can be said that whilst you are relishing in the joys of life and taking itto the next level weather it be with being irresponsible with success, love or drugs you can easily fall. The contrast between youth and age, recklessness and wisdom runs throughout Icarus,Icarus's mindlessness is what inevitably killed him but at the beginning of the story

As this is a children's book I would like focus on the moral themes in the book without making the book come across as if it is preaching. 


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