Monday, 12 March 2012


After I decided I wanted to use Africa and African art as a style and influence for art direction of the animation. I wanted to look at the areas of Tanzania and Kenya specially. The main tribal group in the area is the Maasai, what I love about this tribe the distinct styles and culture they have its an illustrators delight. Body modification is very common in the Maasai, I can relate to the stretching of the earlobes but am amazed at the sizes they managed to stretch them to, along with lip stretching and skin branding. The have very animated dances and songs and I hope to take this into the animation.



A kanga is an African garment which is generally worn by women. They are rectange in shape with a border and have bold printed designs on them. They are long enough to cover the women from neck to knee or from breast to toe. They all come with varying designs and patterns. Bellow are a selection of my favourites I found.


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