Thursday, 8 March 2012

Butterfly Research

Symbolic Meaning

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation because of its metamorphosis. Its lifecycle is one of the most diverse in the world. The lifecycle carries themes of Resurrection and rebirth, with this It carries parallels with religions.

"The butterfly never meets its mother. It must survive independently and remains a stranger to affection.  An animal nurtured by mother's milk, however, is dependent on another for its basic survival. A child who grows up in a cold and detached home environment is similar to the butterfly, in that kindness is sparing. Once an adult, it will be very difficult for that person to show compassion." - Dali Lama

The butterfly raises itself it brings itself into adulthood. Is the a sign of strength in nature or showing us the rawness and realities of nature. A butterfly can demonstrate how ever changing nature is and how energy flows through all things. The average life span of a butterfly is 3 to 6 weeks with the migrating monarch living up to a year.

We often see two butterflies featured as a representation of true love. In Congo and Mexico butterflies are symbolic of the soul, I believe that the way that the butterfly gracefully floats through the air really shows these qualities.


FAFANTO is a Ghanaian symbol in the shape of a butterfly. It is said to represent honesty, gentleness and tenderness.

Chaos Theory

The Chaos theory also know as the the butterfly effect is explained by the metaphor of a butterfly flapping its wings one side of the world and it can cause a contrasting effect the other side of the world. When researching the chaos theory the Lorenz attractor came up, its an oscillator that represents chaotic flow. What makes me interest about the Lorenz attractor is how it looks very butterfly like. below are a selection of images of the Lorenz attractor

Although this all might seem irrelevant talking about the symbolism of a butterfly when I am going to tell the scientific and factual story of its Life Cycle. There is something very illusive about a butterfly that can only be captured by witnessing one out in the daylight. I want to gather every aspect of what makes a butterfly so beautiful to bring it into the animation and cause the audience not only to be engaged by the factual understanding of the story but as well but engaged visual and in a sense spiritually.


There are many interpretations of butterfly's in jewellery mainly broaches. They all have a very distinct style to each one.



Butterflies are used allot in children's today. The variations of shapes and designs are delightful. I feel this will great influence for my character designs


  • Resurrection
  • Transition
  • Celebration
  • Lightness
  • Time
  • Soul
  • Symmetrical
  • Honesty
  • Tenderness
  • Gentleness



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