Thursday, 8 March 2012

5. Africa and Artists

To get artistic inspiration for my work I looked a Artists from the the African continent. I want to get an understanding of what colours, textures and shapes really makeup what Africa is, along with that I want to get a contemporary stance on African design. What makes me so intreage about the art from Africa is that is it so distinctive and yet so untouched. It is so close to nature and the landscaped these people live in.

Carol Fourie

Robert Slingsby

Robert Slingsby is a South African artist. He was commisioned to produce artwork for the 2010 world cup. His art is the perfect representation of south africa the colition of modern and traditional.


Joseph Masila

Josept Masila is a Kenyan artist who takes the traditional African art and creates miraculous abstract peace's. I love the vibrant colour pallets and shapes he has produced. I want to use his art as a influence to how I produce my Illustrations.

Martin Bulinya

Martin Bulinya is more of a traditional artist, taking influence of the tribal works by the massai tribe.


Irma Stern

Walter Battiss

El Anatsui

El Anatsui is a Ghanan Sculpter who uses clay and wood to create his traditional Ghanan influenced sculptures. I love the forms created by Anatsui, I feel I can take something away from this and draw it into the backdrops of my artwork.

Soly Cisse

Wosene Kosrof


tutorphil said...

Phew - good to hear from you, Matt - loving the rich colour palette and illustrative style going on here - how's everything coming along? You had us all worried there for a moment...

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